Demonstrations & Events

L’Ecrivain, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, 1774, coll. MAHN
Le Dessinateur, Henri-Louis Jaquet-Droz, 1774, coll. MAHN
Turc buveur de café, Fr. Junod, coll. particulière


Every day, from Tuesday to Sunday, a demonstration will take place in one of the Automates et merveilles (Automata and marvels) exhibitions, according to a set timetable.

Two demonstrations per day are planned (11:00 and 15:00).
To ensure you don't miss out, as space is limited to 30 people per demonstration, please book your place:

Consult our general demonstration schedule (.pdf)

Note: every first Sunday in the month, a demonstration will take place at Neuchâtel.


Musée international d’horlogerie (International Watchmaking Museum)

Robosphère: meet the robots

Contemporary section of the Automates & merveilles (Automata and marvels) exhibition: Merveilleux mouvements… surprenantes mécaniques (Marvellous movements… amazing mechanisms), Robosphère, learning park of the future with three missions:

Entertaining and informative robot park

  • To learn through fun, discover, try out, confront, be impressed, understand...
  • The general public, schools, families, company trips...

Information centre

  • To ask questions, get replies, learn, broaden your experience, be educated...
  • The general public, specialists, companies, schools, institutions...

Professional areas

  • To demonstrate your products and services, build a relationship with your market, seize business opportunities, organise seminars, make your customers happy...
  • Companies, institutions, public services...

Every day:

RoboSnack, a cafe unlike any other!
Would you like a coffee? An apple? A lolly? Candy floss? Popcorn?
This is the exceptional range on offer from this fully robotic snack service. It will be serving in the reception area of the museum set aside for the cafeteria.

You will have the chance to taste the Automates & merveilles coffee, a blend specially created by La Semeuse for this exhibition.

Gilberto, the timeless (and expressionless) guide will lead everyone inside to discover the printed circuit boards of his cohorts: from fun robots to household robots, on film, in action and in workshops, all the very latest from modern robotics!

Advance booking required

Robot workshops

A fun, educational activity for children aged 8 - 12.
Build a cardboard robot, 52 cm high, decorate it with your own painting and drawing and then take it home!
Come with Gilberto to enter the world of the robots, then discover the automata in the exhibition.

Price: 250 CHF, including museum entry (Duration 2 hours: workshop 1 hour + tour) Maximum of 10 people.

1st May to 31st July: every day until 15:00

Tours and demonstrations of the Manivelles et roues dentées (Cranks and toothed wheels) exhibition

The cogs and wheels of intelligent technology: an exhibition in the Espace des inventions (Museum of inventions) in Lausanne. Locks, seat belts, ball bearings or mobile phone vibrating mechanisms all hide gems of ingenuity. The new exhibition at the Espace des Inventions is an invitation to unbolt the cover, open the box and lift the lid with hungry curiosity to discover the clever tricks and amazing technical gadgetry hidden within these everyday objects.
Every day we lock our front doors behind us. Behind this mechanical gesture, we don't stop and think about the race the engineers have run to outdo would-be thieves who try to get the better of this crafty safety device hidden inside the locks.
In our day-to-day life, ball bearings are generally invisible, but indispensable. What are they, how do they work and where are they hidden?
Without them, there would be no industrial machines, or tumble driers or rollers.

In a unique building dating from the 1964 National Exhibition, the Espace des Inventions (Museum of Inventions) gives the public access to exhibitions on scientific themes. These exhibitions are designed to promote learning and understanding of the concepts through observation and handling.